'What is the city but the people?'

— Act III, Scene 1

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

This renowned company from Kyoto works under the direction of one of Japan's most imaginative artists, Motoi Miura. Known for its minimalist vision, this company produces an expressive theatre rooted in the exploration of words, sound and human body. Celebrated for their work on Chekhov, which has proved highly successful in Russia, they are now bringing their vision of Shakespeare to England for the first time.


Caius Martius, a brilliant Roman general, takes victory against the Volscian city of Corioli, and is honoured with the name ‘Coriolanus.’ However, his contempt for the common people of Rome mean his fortunes are short lived, as the tribune orders him to be banished. Exiled from Rome, Coriolanus makes an allegiance with his old enemy Aufidius and swears vengeance against the city he once loved. Desperate for mercy, Coriolanus’ mother Volumnia visits him and dissuades her son from destroying Rome. Coriolanus instead brokers peace between the Volscians and the Romans, only to be killed by Aufidius.


Choros :
Satoko Abe

Coriolanus :
Dai Ishida

Choros :
Yohei Kobayshi

Choros :
Saki Kohno

Choros :
Shie Kubota


Motoi Miura

Musician :
Yuriko Mukoujima

Directed for the Screen:
Ian Russell

Musician :
Keisuke Sakurai