'Let's talk of graves, of worms and epitaphs.'

— Act III, Scene 2

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Ashtar is a dynamic Palestinian theatre company with a global perspective, founded in Jerusalem in 1991. In 2010 the group performed The Gaza Monologues, a series of stories told by the young people of Gaza - an unprecedented theatrical project involving thousands of people and 44 theatre groups from around the world. This vital theatre brings their direct storytelling style to Shakespeare's great masterpiece of dislocation.


As Bolingbroke accuses Mowbray of treason and murder, and the two men prepare to fight a duel, King Richard intervenes and banishes them both from England. Already unpopular with his lords, he angers his supporters further by selling land to fund the disastrous war in Ireland. With the help of those alienated from Richard’s support, Bolingbroke returns to England with an army to seize the throne from the unpopular King.


Duchess of Gloucester & Gardner’s wife:
Iman Aoun

Green & Gardener:
Raed Ayasa

Mohammad Eid

Aumerle :
Firas Farah

Iyad Hurani

Duke of Gloucester & Duke of York :
George Ibrahim

Amer Khalil

King Richard II:
Sami Metwasi

Northumberland :
Edward Muallem

John of Gaunt :
Hussein Nakhleh

Queen :
Bayan Shbib

Mowbray, Welsh Captain & Guard :
Ihab Zahdeh

Henry Bolingbroke :
Nicola Zreineh


Music Excerpts:
Majaz Album

Trio Jubran

Translated by:
Iman Aoun
Bayan Shbib

Conall Morrison

Directed for the Screen:
Ian Russell

Designer :
Rajha Shakiry