'If you prick us, do we not bleed?'

— Act III, Scene 1

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

The Habima is the centre of Hebrew-language theatre worldwide. Founded in Moscow after the 1905 revolution, the company toured the world before eventually settling in Tel Aviv in the late 1920s. Since 1958, they have been recognised as the national theatre of Israel. This production, of one of Shakespeare's most controversial and most human plays, marks their first visit to the UK.


When Bassanius needs money to pursue the wealthy Portia, his best friend, Antonio, borrows 3,000 ducats from Shylock the Jew, with interest of “a pound of flesh”. When Antonio’s ships are rumoured to be lost, Shylock demands the return of his bond. Meanwhile, Bassianus wins the hand of Portia, who, disguised as a lawyer, comes to Antonio’s aid, freeing him from his bond of debt and humiliating Shylock in the process.


Aviv Alush

Jessica :
Liraz Chamami

Shylock :
Jacob Cohen

Salerio / Prince of Arragon:
Yoav Donat

Hila Feldman

The Duke of Venice / Old Gobbo /Jailer:
Uri Hochman

Salarino / Prince of Morocco :
Danny Leshman

Nerissa :
Rinat Matatov

Antonio :
Alon Ophir

Launcelot Gobbo:
Tomer Sharon

Bassanio :
Yousef Sweid

Lorenzo :
Nir Zelichowski



Miri Lazar

Translated by:

Dori Parnes


Ilan Ronen

Directed for the Screen:

Ian Russell

Set Design :

Shani Tur


Ori Vidislavski

Costume Design :

Maor Zabar