'Why, then the world's mine oyster'

— Act II, Scene 2

Part of the 2012 Globe to Globe Festival.

Bitter Pill bring their version of Shakespeare’s comedy of failed courtship from Nairobi to London, full of laughter and fun, performed in Swahili with English subtitles. This production first played at the Harare International Festival of Arts in Zimbabwe.


The lecherous old Falstaff schemes to seduce two wives in order to access their husbands’ money. They discover his motives easily and devise a series of elaborate jokes to humiliate him. Meanwhile, a wealthy daughter plots against her parents to wed the suitor of her choosing.

Running time: 139 mins


Master Page, Corporal Nym, Mistress Quickly:
Joshua Ogutu

John Rugby, Mistress Ford:
Lydiah Gitachu

Mistress Page, Hostess of the Windsor Hotel:
Chichi Seii

Master Ford, Justice Shallow:
James Gathitu

Sir Hugh Evans, Anne Page, Corporal Pistol, Robert:
Sharon Nanjosi

Bardolph, Peter Simple, John:
Eric Wanyama

Master Abraham Slender, Dr. Caius, Fenton:
Neville Sanganyi

Mrisho Mpoto


Directed by:
Daniel Goldman & Sarah Norman

Director for the Screen:
Ian Russell